This exhibition was held parallel to the training activity and as a complement to it. It was an exhibition of “Good Practices in Adult Education”. The following ARISBAE collaborating entities throughout the Veneto region and surrounding areas participated in it. These institutions were: Ugo Mariano Brasioli, from the organization LA VOLANDA, from Rovigo, Italy, with “How to assert our different capacities”. Laura Farinella, from the organization ULSS5 Polesana, Rovigo, with “Proposals to work on self-sufficiency in the disabled The Pro Loco Association of Canaro, Italy, with “Inclusive training through local traditions” The DOWN DADI POLESINE Association, Rovigo, with “Preparation for domestic life” The CSV Association, Rovigo, with “Building a supportive and inclusive community”. The Organization “Luz sobre el mar ONLUS”. Rovigo, with “Laboratorio de Teatro”. The organization INSTITUTOPOLESANI, Rovigo, with “Rehabilitation in people with disabilities”. The Association “Planet of disability “, from Rovigo, with “Ceramic Laboratory”. The UNI SPORT ASD Rovigo Association, with “Sports training for the disabled”. The EssAgi organization with “Centro Formacione e Socializzazione al Lavoro”, Badía Polesine, Italy.