Parallel to the 4th transnational meeting, the 5th Exhibition of Good Practices was held. The following works were shown in the exhibition: by EnVol “The Campus Radio Project”, “Portfolio of skills for people with disabilities”, “Artist workshops”, “Collaborative cultural mediation projects”, and the project “La Silla Roja”: proposal for an equestrian, theatrical and educational farm for the disabled”. For SOCAEAN, “Inclusive theatre: creativity of adults and empowerment of intergenerationals” and “The library as the backbone of inclusive activities”. For ONLUS, the works “Strengths of inclusion: diversity, a growing challenge” and “Continuing education as a generator of well-being”. For ASF, “An example of inclusion: Faustino Afonso’s story of overcoming”. By CPIA Taranto “Inclusive proposals developed by adult students”. by Sv. Kiril i Metodij-1919 “Traditions as a source of inspiration for inclusive proposals”.