Our students are very motivated in learning the Italian language not in the formal way but through different artistic and craft shapes that  approach them to the social and work world.

Knowing our students’ interests we try to accordingly act because is the best way for motivation. Students co-design their own learning, they are closer relationship with direct experience, so a systematic opening to the environment occurs. Students are not more “spectators” and are becoming “partecipants”. So the competency approach  is consolidating focusing education through skills and not just in knowledge.

1) Some students of CPIA 1-TA  participated in the visual art workshops “Radici sospese” curated by an artist and in the performance art workshops (body expression) curated by a psychotherapist.

2) Our refugee and migrant students are learning the art of bakery (bread and pizza). They hope in a good job maybe in a pizzeria or restaurant.

3) Foreign students are training for the “Taranto Palio”. It  is a regatta in custome disputed by 10 rowing boats that represent the city’s districts. The boats, pushed by two oarsmen who row standing on foot, must cover the entire circumnavigation of the old town in less than 30 minutes.

4) Carving fruit and vegetables art.

5) Our students also learn the Italian language by attending a tailoring course and hope to find a job in the fashion or handcraft field.

6) Free thoughts on World Social Justice Day.