1. Write a story, short story, poem, narrative or illustration about self-improvement. Please follow the recommendations below:
    – It should not exceed 10,000 words. 
    – It doesn’t have to be about your own self-improvement. You can tell the stories of others (family, friends or acquaintances). 
    – Take care with spelling and punctuation.
    – Stories in Spanish will be judged for the competition. 
    – Don’t let the pressure get to you. Just sit down and write what comes to you!
  2. Share your post on a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. or email it to and we will publish it on our social networks. 
  3. Tag Athletes Without Borders and add the hashtag #HoyNoPerderé.
  4. Fill in the form below with your details and the link to your publication.
  5. If you are a minor, you must send us the authorisation to participate in the competition signed by your parents or guardians. You will find the authorization form below. Please also send us a photocopy of your ID card by post to