The ATLETAS SIN FRONTERAS (ASF) Association perceives sport as an appropriate means to achieve values ​​of personal and social development, such as the desire to excel, inclusion, respect for the person, tolerance of frustration, compliance with regulations, perseverance, teamwork, self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, honesty, among others. To integrate all these aspects, it has developed the “Inclusive Campus ConVive of Sports Technification”, whose purpose is to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities through sport and coexistence, favoring active participation and the reinforcement of social relations. It is a very enriching experience of coexistence, where professionals and beginners of the sport have the opportunity to exchange perceptions and experiences generating new social networks, at the same time that they promote their personal and sports growth guided by professionals in the sports field.

The applied methodology is the same that the entity develops in all the programs it carries out. It promotes learning based on participation in cooperative environments, where the emotional involvement of the participants is pursued and interest and curiosity are awakened. This Campus pursues, on the one hand, the development of values ​​and talents of the athlete, for this each athlete has the opportunity to transmit their knowledge and experiences to others, this generates that, both people who start in the field sports like those who already had experience, have that motivational drive to be able to enter the sports world, continue in their field or even experiment in another sports modality. It offers alternatives to those who wish to start sports and provides the technical means necessary for the practice of sports for people with disabilities. Each activity proposed on campus has the necessary adaptations so that anyone, with or without disabilities, can carry out the practice, facilitating the technical aids corresponding to each sport modality. In addition, for all those who want to start in sports, professionals adapt the exercises to the level of each one, in this way a motivational reinforcement is achieved. And it fosters the personal and emotional development of the participant, since the interpersonal relationships favored by coexistence are one of the most important aspects. Many of the people who participate have never had the opportunity to live the experience of a campus or a camp, either because of their disability or because of their socio-family situation, at the Inclusive ConVive Campus there are no barriers and it allows all people can give value to their abilities.

The Inclusive ConVive Campus takes place over a weekend, in which attendees can enjoy learning and practicing different sports, such as swimming, spinning, athletics, climbing, etc., adapted to each person and each diversity. They can also enter the Canarian culture through traditional games such as the shepherd’s jump and the bocce ball. To get acquainted with the adapted modality of athletics and cycling, the workshop “on wheels” is offered, which gives the opportunity to learn about the operation of joëlettes, handbikes and adapted athletic chairs, vehicles for the sports practice of people who have mobility difficulties. In addition, training spaces are generated in which the knowledge of aspects directly related to sport is deepened, through talks, conferences, inclusive workshops, etc.

In November 2019, thanks to the support of the DISA-Capacitas Foundation and the Adeje City Council, the first Inclusive ConVive Campus was developed, in the facilities of the high-performance sports training center, Tenerife Top Training, T3, giving the opportunity to 60 people, with and without disabilities, to live this great experience as part of a great family. For this year 2020, we are working so that this experience reaches more people and generates spaces for social transformation and empowerment through sports.