This activity consists of each student in the class group writing a short text, taking into account the instructions given by the teacher. Everyone is free to write whatever they want, as long as no malicious, aggressive or discriminatory comments are made.

It is a relaxed moment, in which it is important to let oneself go and discover the pleasure of using words and playing with them to create a text. At the beginning, there is no need to worry about spelling or grammatical mistakes, just keep in mind the creation of the text. They can count on the help of the teacher to clarify and solve any doubts.

It is not about creating a text in order to pass judgement on the content of what you have written. Your writing belongs to you. You can talk to your classmates because it usually facilitates the creative process, but no one has to ask questions about what you have written and make a judgement.

A writing workshop fits very well into a review of key skills:

  • We read extracts from texts.
  • We manipulate the French language.
  • We reflect and correct ourselves.
  • We exchange with others about the texts we have written.
  • We use Office tools to write text and format it.

The online writing workshop is a special activity. In it you cannot ask questions directly to the teacher, if you have not understood the instructions correctly you have to send a message asking for clarification. Again we have to use other key skills.

The text can be read aloud at home with their families or later at the centre.

We use digital tools to receive and send emails, create a file, attach a file to a message, etc.

The teacher will give specific instructions for writing your text. The time allowed and the maximum length will be respected as far as possible. If the text does not seem completely finished, do not be discouraged. The student must have confidence in himself/herself and embark on the creative adventure.


To start the activity on that first writing day, choose your preferred place at home. The place should be the one you like best to work in. Some people like the living room, because the noise and movement are comforting. Others prefer to isolate themselves in the bedroom, in the study room, to be quiet and concentrated.

To start writing, some prefer to start with a pen and paper and then type the text on the computer. Others prefer to write it directly. Choose the way that suits you best – the aim is to write calmly.

Inventory is a word that probably makes you think of something you know. Let’s think of inventories that can help us to start writing. Let’s start with this, an inventory of material things.

It would be a good idea to start by drawing up several inventories, these will be a list of words. These lists will serve as the basis for creating your writing. So it is suggested that you explore your home and choose the inventories:

  • The cupboards
  • The bedroom
  • The garage
  • Bathroom
  • The handbag
  • The garden
  • Balcony
  • The fridge
  • The pantry
  • The cupboard

You can choose from this list but it is not a closed list, you can choose any other familiar place that has not been mentioned. Once you have chosen the lists, start filling it with what you find in this chosen place. You can use this template:

  • In my cupboard there are out of date cookies….
  • In the pantry there are canned tomatoes…
  • There are also…

You can use this pattern, repeating every other time:

  • In the / in my… there are….
  • There are also…
  • In the / in my / in my… there are…
  • There is also…

Therefore, you will make several lists following this model. You will have to impose a maximum duration of 30 minutes for this exercise. Then take the time you need to get it in shape before starting the second exercise. I hope you are happy with yourself! You are the author of your text.

After that you deserve a short break: stretch your legs, have a coffee, some biscuits, talk to someone while respecting safety distances, etc.


Perhaps you have already seen the film called “The Wish List”. This film was taken from a book of the same title. “The Wish List” is a novel by Grégoire Delacourt published in 2012 by Jean-Claude Lattès.

It is the story of a woman who wins a million euros. Instead of spending this money immediately, she starts to write “her wish list”.

Here is the link to an extract of the film: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22hi2x

There is also an extract from this famous book: “my wish list: go on holiday alone with Jo, dare to tell Romain that I met his girlfriend at Christmas and she was vulgar and ugly, send him money… tell everyone that it was me who won… be envied…”.

In this extract I have used words that are infinitive verbs. You will have to start writing your wish list, using infinitive verbs (not conjugated).

My wish list: ………… I’ll let you write the rest.

You must not write more than 2300 characters, spaces included.

At the end you have to send your two texts. Then feedback will be sent to you.

You will make a note for each text:

  • Exercise 1: inventory
  • Exercise 2: my wish list…

To evaluate the activity you will have to send us:

  • General impression of this workshop
  • I liked it a lot. I liked it. I did not like it. I found it difficult. I found it surprising.
  • Others
  • Comment
  • Estimated working time
  • Correct estimate. Took longer (specify how long). Took less time (specify how much).