One of the objectives of the meeting was to renew face-to-face contact between the different components of the partner organisations. After several virtual meetings, the association felt that this face-to-face activity was necessary to consolidate the association.

It was felt that after this complex and extended period of Covid and confinement, this face-to-face meeting was necessary, as this physical presence would strengthen the group and, at the same time, a necessary “oxygen” intake. These days of coexistence were supporting to continue working with enthusiasm, efficiency and desire in the face of so much adversity. Due to the events that took place, an extensive programme was prepared with the aim of tackling all the aspects of the project that had been developed since the beginning of the pandemic and channelling those that remained to be developed as effectively as possible; for this reason, it was considered essential that two more people attended than at the initial request. We started by setting up the exhibition “Good Practices Erasmus+ ARISBAE”.

We would like to point out that it participated in about ten Erasmus+ projects for adults and that Mr. Andrés Ajo chaired the inauguration. Together with these projects, a dozen ARISBAE’s collaborating entities were presented, which presented and contributed very interesting elements to enhance the project. Inclusive institutions such as SINPROMI, FUNCASOR, ASF and ALAS Para Volar. In addition, a series of workshops were held, including origami and graffiti. In

the multicultural and intergenerational evening activities, we highlight the broad participation of inclusive staff (blind, deaf and physically and intellectually disabled people).

These activities combined the ARTS: music, poetry, illustration and corporal expression. In addition, one day was dedicated to a working day in which the agenda was: by each partner, the development of the project during the pandemic period, the activities carried out and those still to be carried out, suggestions for improving the process, elaboration of a new calendar for the following period and the evaluation of all aspects of the project.

Another day was dedicated to visiting the local collaborating entities and a reception at the town hall of La Laguna. Regarding the participation, we can group it into two groups A) The people belonging to ARISBAE centred two people from the association ONLUS of Rovigo (Italy), one person from the association ENVOL of Segre France and two people from the centre CIPIA of Taranto (Italy), could not attend from Bulgaria because of the restrictions of Covid (travel ban). B) Ten ARISBAE partners, ten ERASMUs+ Adult Education projects. Participation of inclusive entities such as SIMPROMI, FUNCASOR and ASF.

Hundreds of people visited the “Exhibition of Good Practices”, an exhibition open to the general public. There were excellent results: a series of videos about the different activities carried out by the partner centres, a dozen activities presented by the collaborating centres, a graphic magazine about the exhibition, and a documentary (the whole event was broadcast by streaming, open to the public).

What was planned in the initial proposal was carried out in all its terms. We can say that much more was contributed than had been foreseen, which benefited the association with greater use and effectiveness of the proposal. For example, the change of city, they were held in La Laguna instead of S/C de Tenerife, and we can say that the two cities are united, they are the two metropolitan extensive areas of Tenerife, which benefited the association with greater use and effectiveness of the proposal.