We clarified that for this 3rd meeting, we had requested a change of host partner after holding the 1st meeting. We explained that it was because the association considered that it was more beneficial for the project to hold the meeting in the city of Taranto instead of Rovigo after hearing all the partners. This was due to the fact that the participants brought improvements to the project, given the qualified personnel involved.

The change was presented and approved, and the training activity would be held in Rovigo. Subsequently, a one-year extension was requested and granted due to the pandemic. Therefore there was a change of date, which was held when the incidence of covid dropped, and it was safer to travel.

The program of the meeting was the same as it had been designed, it was a follow-up meeting and a presentation on good practices. The main objective of the meeting was to follow up on the work done during the previous long period and for each partner to contribute work for the

best practices exhibition. The meeting was held from 6 April to 9, 2022, and it was attended by: the SOCAEAN coordinator, Spain Jesús Luis-Ravelo (physically disabled), for ASF Spain, Juan J. Aguiar (physically disabled) and Teresa Rodriguez (companion, needed by Covid). For ONLUS, Rovigo, Italy (Alberto Roccato), for ENVOL (France) Arlette and Sylvie, for Narodno Chitalishte Sv. Kiril i Metodij, Bulgaria, did not attend in person because the pandemic had affected them to a great extent and intervened virtually.

The program was as follows: Presentation of Erasmus+ by ARISBAE coordinator Jesús F. Luis-Ravelo to the teaching staff of CPIA Taranto and its partners. Each partner presented the work done in this period. The exhibition of good practices was carried out by presenting SOCAEN two inclusive works carried out with associations and collaborating adult centres, ASF, two inclusive works on adapted sports carried out by components of its association and collaborating centres, by ONLUS, two inclusive works carried out addressing aspects of labour insertion, by ENVOL two inclusive works addressing psychological aspects, by Sv. Kiril i Metodij two inclusive works on the use of the arts and by the host centre an inclusive example of the “Delfino Sports Association”, a didactic work on the “Use of museums” and work on “The use of the cultural heritage of Taranto”.

The preparation for the Training Course in Rovigo was discussed. In addition, the program of the course was elaborated. The results of the meeting were positive: an enriching face-to-face meeting was held after the challenging moments that had been experienced, aspects of the work plan were discussed, the general public and participants benefited from the exhibition of good practices, and the hosts offered a series of parallel cultural activities that positively enriched an inclusive vision of European citizenship by strengthening the ties that unite us.