This Transnational Meeting was held in Segre (France) from 22 to 25 June 2022, a change of date was made due to Covid. Therefore, it was the last transnational meeting of the project and was attended in person by the partners: Amici di Elena ONLUS, (Italy) Alberto Roccato. For Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti Taranto, Italy, Claudia Radeglia. For ASF, Spain. We point out that the initial request did not require an accompanying person for Faustino Afonso (a person with a physical disability) and Alba Alayón (accompanying person). Still, due to Covid, it was considered essential to include her.

For SOCAEAN, Jesús Luis-Ravelo González, Spain. For the organising partner Olivier Galet and all his collaborating team. In virtual form participated Narodno chitalishte, Sv. Kiril i Metodij-1919, Anelia Dimitrova, Bulgaria; they did not attend in person for reasons caused by the Covid and the war in Ukraine, since their city is in the north very close to the border with Romania and the Black Sea, so they are suffering the consequences of the war very hard.

The program developed was: the meeting began with the presentation of ARISBAE to a group of collaborators and the general public by the coordinator Jesús Luis-Ravelo. Subsequently, each partner presented the activities carried out during this last period, and the project’s development was shared. Finally, conclusions were drawn, and a work plan was generated with a timetable for preparing the final report.

Finally, a proposal on the sustainability of Erasmus+ ARISBAE was discussed and suggested. The exhibition of good practices was displayed, and the following works were shown: by EnVol “The Campus Radio Project”, “Portfolio of competencies for people with disabilities”, “Artists’ workshops”, “Collaborative projects of cultural mediation”, and the project “La Silla Roja: equestrian, theatrical and educational farm proposal for the disabled”. For SOCAEAN, “Inclusive theatre: creativity of adults and empowerment of intergenerational” and “The library as the backbone of inclusive activities”. For ONLUS, the work “Strengths of inclusion: diversity, a growing challenge” and “Continuing education as a generator of well-being”. For ASF, “An example of inclusion: the story of Faustino Afonso’s overcoming”. By CPIA Taranto “Inclusive proposals developed by adult students”. By Sv. Kiril i Metodij-1919 “Traditions as a source of inspiration for inclusive proposals”. Parallel to the work activities, a program of visits to emblematic places of Segre’s natural and cultural heritage and its surroundings was presented.

These visits were used to make work proposals, during which a monitor outlined possible works that could enrich the inclusive aspect of the project based on the use of the natural and cultural heritage of the place. The results were positive: on the one hand, the project was disseminated throughout the community. The fact that it was exhibited at the Segre Town Hall facilitated its publicity. It was very well received, and the Mayoress committed herself to supporting sustainability.

There was significant progress in the project evaluation, the elaboration of the conclusions, and the final report. We also want to highlight that time was devoted to laying the groundwork for developing a new Erasmus+ for the next call.

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