Today sadness accompanies me in the silence of my room and prevents emotions from flowing normally. My thoughts go round and round, sometimes I think that we don’t live a reality, but a nightmare from which I want to wake up.

In this time of confinement, where the most positive thing is the solidarity that grows among people, with hundreds of deaths every day, and among them my mother, whom not even her relatives have been able to fire. She, the person who gave me life and her unconditional love, she, with so many sacrifices lived, to get us ahead, I know what the circumstances are, but it seems so inhuman to me, not being able to hug her and say I love you before leaving. So it only remains to try to carry this drama, as best as possible, and wait until little by little we return to normally.

Luckily at nightfall, the video call of my children arrives, and the angelic smile of my grandchildren, that illuminates my soul and fills me with hope. I begin to see the glass half full, and I want to think that the experience of what we have lived will change us for the better, and that all that solidarity will persist, will help us to continue and will lead us to a much more just society, in which we will value more what we have, and the affection of ours, because love encompasses everything and is what helps us find meaning in life.

We will value the sunny and rainy days, and we will unite our efforts so that the lung of our planet earth breathes more and better.

Teresa Rodríguez #HoyNoPerderé


Once upon a time there was a child who was born differently … grew up differently … and more importantly … he felt differently. He perceived how the rest of the world insisted on wanting to be born the same … to grow the same … and what is more important … to feel the same.

In a small corner of his cheery room, he constantly wondered if it was more rewarding to run or walk on his legs or fly big. speed with your mind and your imagination ….

Why do we try again and again to be equal if the Grand Prix is ​​in the difference? We fight to get to the finish line first … but what is the goal … the sign that says “goal” or the satisfaction of the effort made even if you stay halfway?

Fragile-looking body, sincere and full of life look, paleness on his face, strength in his words and feeling of peace that radiates from his whole being and that transmit with every little movement.

You are that child, that young man, that adult … yours are those goals halfway, that ability to give without hands and walk without legs … that is you and only you.

Conchi Botella #HoyNoPerderé